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Public Nuisance or Harmless fun?

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The Janoskians- a group of five young men becoming viral all over the internet. The boys, Beau, Jai, Luke, James and Daniel go around Melbourne with wacky ideas and dares to provide us with entertainment.

It all started 8 months ago,  in November 2011, when the three Brooks brothers, Beau, Jai and Luke started to film ‘mockumentaries’ and their hit video ‘Awkward Train Situations’ when their two friends James and Daniel (also known as ‘Skip’) decided to join the fun. They also have another channel called ‘Dare Sundays’ where they perform the most out there dares you can ever think of, and trust me, it takes guts!

Their videos include things like pegging, the ‘invisible rope’, dare videos, awkward train and elevator situations and much more. At times, they have even collaborated with youtube sensation ‘Teddy’ to make dare videos and such. They claim that they never meant to harm anyone but just want to give people out there  a laugh. Since they started making videos, they’ve been on A Current Affair, The Couch, Sunrise, and I’m sure on many others.

I’m sure they’ve put a smile on many faces, and not just Australians; they’re becoming famous all around the world!

They’ve recently gotten a new manager and they’ve stated that they’re working on a new project, but they haven’t given us any clues yet… I’m so excited!



They definitely make the funniest videos I’ve ever seen on the web. Check out this video of them dancing behind strangers at the shopping centre without the people realising:

Hilarious aye?

I give them a 10/10 for never failing to make me laugh each time! Check out the rest of their videos.



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