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A Legendary Movie

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I Am Legend, an amazing movie about Robert Neville being the last person on Earth. Released in 2007, Directed by Francis Lawrence and Starring Will Smith.



A frightening yet awesome story about a man who tries to invent a cure for a plague. Years after the plague kills everyone on Earth, the sole survivor, Robert Neville, conducts many experiments for a cure and struggles to survive as the last man on Earth. The disease kills humans, and turns the rest into monsters who come out at night and spread the disease. Every night, he stays locked inside his house alone, praying to find a cure and find out what happened to his wife and baby daughter. Will he cure the monsters? Time will tell.


The movie did scare me a little when the monsters came to life, but it’s heart-breaking to see the father taken away from his family and trying to save the world and bring back humanity on his own. The end, when he finds another human being and discovers the cure just makes you feel so uplifted and happy.

I rate the movie 3.5/5 stars:







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