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Rush Hour

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Rush hour- a hilarious action-packed movie, great to watch as a family.

Released in 1998 and directed by Brett Ratner, it’s still enjoyed to this day by people looking for a witty and classic hit. Starring Chris Tucker and martial arts expert Jackie Chan, it tells the story of two cops that team up to rescue a kidnapped daughter. Inspector James Carter FBI and Inspector Lee a Hong must work together to fulfill the appointed mission, and throughout the movie, cultures clash and outbreaks of temper take place. Due to Inspector Lee confiscating millions worth of stolen Chinese artefacts, Jun Tao takes revenge by kidnapping Soo, the Chinese consul’s daughter when he moves to America. In the end, James and Lee agree to co-operate and end up accomplishing their task, forming an unbreakable friendship and being rewarded by the LAPD and FBI.

I personally believe Rush Hour is one of the most humorous movies I’ve ever watched. Particular scenes would make me crack up in bursts of laughter. The clashes between Chris, an African-American, and Lee, a Chinese man were absolutely hilarious. There was a particular part where they had a dance-off in the middle of the road dancing to a song playing on their car’s radio; one of my favourite parts! I love how in the end everything was cleverly resolved and worked out and it’s generally a feel-good movie for me. Whenever I’m feeling down I should think of watching this to boost my spirits!

Watch the trailer:

If you’re interested, try out the sequels in the series, Rush Hour 2 and 3, sequels of laughs and humour to be exact.

I rate this action-comedy-thriller 4 out of 5 stars.



Charis-ma Star!

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Charis Lincoln, or better known as CharismaStar on Youtube, is one of the best beauty gurus on the web.. She’s simply a young lady from Alaska doing what she loves. If you know beauty gurus, you probably know the typical kind of videos and techniques they upload and such, but Charis’ videos are different, and a true charisma.

Not only does she have an amazing and unique sense of fashion and beauty, her and her husbands’ (he helps her format her videos) editing skills are out of this world! They just come up with the best ideas to make their videos more interesting and make viewers actually want to watch them! She includes videos like product reviews, hauls, inspirational stories, tutorials, Outfit-of-the-Days, Beauty/Self-image, collaborations and much more. But each and every video is very special and has her own twist, and I get super excited whenever she releases a new video!

She uploaded her first video on December the 2nd, 2010 and in this short time she’s accumulated 32,801 subscribers and over 1 million views! She even made it to the top 6 in the Nyx Face Awards so far (the competition’s not over yet but she’s still in the running), it’s no surprise though!

In my opinion, I realised as I watch the same beauty gurus’ videos they drag along and get boring, and it’s always the same. But with Charis, I enjoy every single one and never get bored of her videos; plus I actually learn a few make-up/fashion tips here and there! I could watch each video multiple times if I wanted! I absolutely can’t wait for her next video! Her style includes more glitz and glamour than most, but that’s what’s so awesome about it! She often uses a technique where her videos are related to the makeup/outfit inspiration, for example, if she’s doing vampire-inspired makeup, the video would be set in a dungeon with a coffin, and she would be dressed as a vampire talking in a transylvanian accent.

Check out this video I liked in particular, one of her outfits for summer:

See what I mean?

If I was a beauty guru critic I’d obviously rate Charis 5/5 stars!


Music To My Ears

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Hey guys! Have you ever heard of Cimorelli? No? Seriously? Wow. You’re certainly missing out on alot..

Now, I’m sure here and there you’ve seen singers and bands on Youtube, covering songs, maybe even becoming famous.
But the most amazing band I’ve heard yet is Cimorelli. Who are they, you may ask? Well, they’re a group of 6 sisters who are amazing singers. Christina-21, Katherine-19, Lisa-18, Amy-16, Lauren-13 and Dani-11. And their voices will amaze you. They originally started making videos in 2007, simply from their home covering songs for fun; their first video being a cover of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus. They then got bigger and bigger, started making music videos, and then advanced onto being signed by Island Records and producing their own original songs. Their new album was released December 2011, the Cimfam EP.

I personally love how they harmonise their voices to vocalise the background music, which sometimes substitutes a beat or instruments. Their voices work so well together, and it’s no surprise that they’re musically talented. Raised up with their 5 brothers, their mother was college music major, composer, and former choir director who taught the girls classical piano, three-part barbershop harmonizing, and vocal jazz since they were young. They began to perform locally and then decided to start making videos.

They’re said to be ” The best family performing group since the Jackson 5.”





Check out this video of their cover of “Turn Up The Music” by Chris Brown; no editing, no fancy equipment, just their pure voices:

I really enjoyed writing this review I must say, this vocal group dazzles me everytime.

Star Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Check out more of the videos if you like them 🙂

See you guys later,


The Best Dance Show Yet

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Ok, so I’m sure you all love to dance. Maybe you have a few awesome moves to show off at parties and weddings, but let me tell you about something really special.
A Disney Channel show called SHAKE IT UP.

Starring Zendaya Coleman as Rocky, and Bella Thorne as Cece, it tells the story of two young teenagers attempting to achieve their dreams of becoming professional dancers when they make it onto a famous local show as background dancers. It’s not all about dance though, it also follows the teenagers, their everyday problems, the risks they take and much more. Season 1 being released in 2010, directed by Richard Joel, sparked alot of interest from teens and the show slowly grew and grew to become more well known and more loved all around the world.


In my opinion, this show is by far one of my favourites! The teenagers go through similar problems everyday teenagers would go through, and the witty comedy between Cece the rebel and Rocky the goody-two-shoes is hilarious! I love how in every episode there’s at least one dance relating to the topic of that specific episode, and there’s a range of dance from Hip-Hop, to Salsa to Bollywood and more to come!  And not only that, they’re phenomenal dancers! Especially for teenagers! Here, check out a clip of them performing on their local TV Show:

Awesome, right?

This show ALWAYS gets me in a good mood so I’m gonna have to give it 5 stars; It’s too good!

I’m actually off to go watch another episode so I’ll be back soon reviewing something I’m sure you’ll love!









A Chocolate Heaven..

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Hey Guys!
So if you don’t know, I’m an ABSOLUTE sweet tooth!
I’m sure some of you have been to Chokkolata, or Cafe Del Mondo, but let me tell you about a place that’s really special.

Max Brenner’s! It’s like a chocolatey paradise! If you haven’t been there, I’m telling you, you’re missing out on alot.

It has chocolate fountains, a barrel of melted chocolate, and even cute little boxes of gift chocolates with writing on them!

You can order heaps of sensational things like waffles with melted chocolate and strawberries, CHOCtails, just a bowl of pure hot melted chocolate (yum!), and even a chocolate pizza!
I know what you’re thinking, WOW.
Wanna experience it all? Go visit your nearest Max Brenner Store! 🙂

Have fun,

-ex oh ex oh.

The New Cool Way to Greet Your Mates

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Wazzap? OLD! What’s in? SALAAM! Get involved in the slang of the century! 🙂


Allow me to explain, now the star and maker of this video is Yousef Erakat, a.k.a FouseyTube, an American-Palestinian young Muslim. He is now a famous Youtube sensation whose first video “Middle Eastern Parents” started off his Youtube career.

Since he lives in a middle-eastern family, he knows what all of us have to go through! He makes hilarious harmless videos and this one is simply about wasting time on the phone with friends and the way Arabs/Middle-Eastern greet eachother with  “SALAMS”.


I personally find it absolutely, utterly humourous, and I definitely reckon you should have a look!  The first time I viewed it I burst out with laughter, and the second, and the.. Anyways, I also enjoy the way he acts  as many different characters, e.g. his mother, father and sister.
The video only stars Yousef and his brother, although several different characters are played by the two.

If you asked me what I’d rate it? DEFINITELY 5 stars out of 5! And i don’t give away stars easily at ALL. So check it out, and enjoy:


Signing out,

-ex oh ex oh.

What to Watch in 2012?

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Wondering what to go watch at the movies? Wanna have a sleepover, but don’t know what movies to get? These are the must-sees of 2012!

1. The Hunger Games
2. 21 Jump Street
3. The Dark Knight Rises
4. Titanic 3D
5. Dark Shadows

Now, I’m going to be reviewing my personal favourite, The Hunger Games!
The Hunger Games, released in 2012, was directed by gary Ross.
It stars teenage heart-throb Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence as the main two characters, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen.
The movie is about a nation-wide competition. One girl and one boy must be chosen from each district to survive the gruelling life-death battle, ‘The Hunger Games’. Katniss’ younger sister, Primrose, is chosen for the competition. Unable to bear the thought of her sister going through such torment, Katniss volunteers herself as tribute. Also chosen from this district is Peeta Mellark, who develops feelings for Katniss. They must battle this competition together, find food and water on their own, provide themselves with shelter and avoid getting killed. they successfully do so, but they are the only two left in the competition. The original rules of the game is that only one comes out alive, but out of their love for eachother, they both decide to take poisonous berries at the same time. Just as they are about to eat them, the host of the show calls them off and announces that they can both survive and they become the winners of the Hunger Games.

My Review: I thought the movie was great, from start to finish I couldn’t get my eyes off the screen! I loved how for this special condition, Peeta and Katniss could both survive; I think it really showed how strong love can make anything happen. The competition was a little too extreme but that’s what made it so suspenseful. Overall, was a great movie but the only negative point was that Katniss would end up being stuck in between Peeta and Gale, whom both love her dearly, and I think she shouldn’t have left Gale.. afterall, he was heartbroken!

My Star Rating: 4.5/5

Check out the trailer for a better sneak peek!



-ex oh ex oh